Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chirstmas fun in Cali

Christmas was a lot of fun this year.

Both the boys understand about Santa now and were so excited for him to come to our house!

They had so much fun waking up and seeing everything that had been left by Santa! Emmalyn just had fun putting on all her new shoes...She would much rather have shoes than she would toys....True girl! LOVE IT!

After Christmas we headed down to California with my parents to visit my sister and her family. That was so much fun! The boys loved every minute being down there. We got to go hang out at the beach (in high 50 degree weather which was super nice) and then they got to go ride my sister's horses.

They were in heaven! It was a lot of fun to go hang out with my sister. Much needed time with her! We love our Auntie Colie! Although Christmas vacation was lots of fun for Jonah, this kid missed school! WHAT?! He had a countdown until school started again....My oh my! What am I in for this summer! Anyways lots of pictures to show! Enjoy!

Love my kiddos!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Catching up...

So lots has happened since I last posted four months ago! For starters...Emmalyn turned 1!!! My sweet baby girl is no longer a baby!

She totally enjoyed her yummy cupcakes made by Grandma Paula!
Caleb started preschool...which he really LOVES and Jonah started kindergarten! I can't believe how big my kiddos are getting! Jonah loves, well there are actually no words to describe how much Jonah loves school. It is still so amazing to me how much he has grown and how much he thrives there!

We had some fun at the pumpkin patch in October...

 Emmalyn LOVED all of the pumpkins!

 BEST picture EVER! Makes me laugh every time I see it!
Jonah turned 6!!! Wow! I still can't believe that I have a six year old!

He loved all of the Avengers stuff that he got! He was very was Caleb!


So life has been happening here with us...very busy with school now and growing babies! Anyways, I hope every one has a very Merry Christmas and I will hopefully update soon!