Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Lots has been happening in the Johnson household. Jonah had six fun weeks of soccer, the boys have been caught digging in the dirt WAY too many times, I finished school, and we MOVED! YAHOO!!! No more nasty, disgusting, bug house! That makes the struggles of moving while 6 months pregnant disappear!

Any ways, back to the posting. Jonah really loved playing soccer. He was very nervous at first to be with a bunch of kids that he didn't know (shocker there) but once he got past that fear (after the third week) he had a blast!

He loved learning everything the coaches had to teach him and he loved how excited we got when he stayed out on the field the whole time without getting upset....Weird I know, but when your child is as shy as mine is it's those types of things that count :)

Caleb on the other hand was ready to play the first week. He went out on the field, took a ball, and ran as fast as he could with it. He wasn't about to let us tell him no he couldn't play. I love that boy. Next year little man, next year.

While we were in the old house the boys were getting very bored with me packing all the time so I let them go outside. Then I go to check on them only 5 minuets later to find this fabulous hole they dug all on their own.

Wow, boys that is awesome.....NOT! They were so nasty dirty my bath tub was black. It was disgusting.

Oh how I dream of the days when my little girl gets here...then Matt ruins my day dreams by saying she will be out there with them digging. Probably true but let me dream!

One sad thing about leaving our old house was we had to leave the swing set ;( The boys really do miss it but the backyard in our fabulous new house won't allow it. So the last few days we were there I let them play on it as much as I could and I got some really fun pictures. This is Jonah pretending to play Jake in his favorite TV show Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Cute boy :)
I love the faces Caleb makes. This is his typical face of late.

GLARE! I don't understand. He can be so happy one second and the next this....

Oh Caleb....
(Just as a side note, Caleb had a hair cut like three days after these pictures...CRAZY hair!)

He is doing incredibly well with the sign language we have been teaching him. Jonah is doing fantastic too. He helps out as much as he can. Caleb now knows more, eat, cookie, please, thank you, shoes, socks, and play. He is one smart little guy! It makes me so happy to finally have a way to communicate with him now and we have had a lot less fits since he has picked these words up. He is even putting some together. Only the important ones though like "More cookie please" and unfortunately I can't say no so he got away with having six cookies the other day :) Oh well he is learning!

Well, this is a super long post! Enjoy the pictures and more to come soon!