Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daddy's Present

Matt and I decided not to get anything for each other this Christmas....but I couldn't resist. He had told me a few months ago that the last picture he had at work was of Jonah's first Halloween! I couldn't believe it! We take pictures A LOT and I give

him A LOT of those pictures. So I decided for Christmas I would get some pictures of just me and the boys for him. Thank you Auntie Meagan! They turned out great! We love them so much!

Thank you Auntie Meagan!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas with the boys

This Christmas was lots of fun for the boys. Jonah finally understood who Santa was and Caleb loved to unwrap all of the gifts....except on Christmas morning. Cute boy. Jonah was very excited on Christmas Eve. He didn't want his normal story we read him every night because he wanted to go right to sleep so he could see Santa. It was cute.

Caleb was into all of the things Santa brought him in his stocking rather than his other gifts.

He Loved the small Buzz Lightyear he got in his stocking the most.

He did get a sit and spin that he LOVES!
Jonah was happy with everything especially the new games for the Wii we got him.

They looked super cute in their Christmas pj's too.

Caleb looked like a little old man :)

There were lots of cookies that the boys ate...

Most of which were stolen by Jonah and passed to his little brother. Hey, what are big brother's for?

This was Caleb's face when I caught him with a cookie at one point....Me? No, I'm too cute to be in trouble :) We had lots of fun at both of our parent's house and got to see a lot of family we haven't seen for a while.

When ever we got in the car that day, this is what Jonah looked like. OUT!

We were all very tired after the holidays! Happy New Year everyone!