Monday, May 21, 2012

Little Miss got her pictures done a little over a month ago, but like I said in the last post I'm really behind! So thanks to my fabulous sweet friend Morgan Emmalyn got some bee-u-tiful 7 month pictures done! No need to say anymore except that my little girl is too dang cute and Morgan is FANTASTIC at what she does! Enjoy Little Miss E!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Easter, cupcakes, and Emmalyn's new friend

Little Miss E in her Easter dress before church. She was super tired so we didn't get too many pictures...

 Cranky baby face and very happy brothers....

 Typical big brother plugging his ears while his sister screams at the top of her lungs :)

Thank you to Auntie Steph for the cutest outfit in the WORLD!!! I LOVE putting her in the outfit because number one she looks super cute and number two everyone, including strangers, comment on how cute it is! LOVE IT!

Caleb wanted in on the photo shoot.

For Caleb's birthday dinner he requested fancy mac and cheese and cupcakes. So that is what the little man got! Emmalyn wasn't happy she didn't get to have a cupcake though so once Caleb sat down next to her, she reached out and stole his cupcake! It was so funny! Caleb thought that it was the worst thing to happen in the world but Little Miss E was content as could be chowing down on her cupcake.

 First bite she wasn't so sure about it.....
 The she figured out she LOVED it.....
 And those crumbs in front of her are whats left of it :)
 This little girl has decided not to crawl (which is just fine with me!) Instead she likes to sit and stare at Brutus ALL DAY! It makes me laugh. The only way she gets around is scooting on her bum but the only reason she moves is to chase Brutus. Our poor dog puts up with so much from Caleb but now he gets to have Emmalyn pull, drool, and lay on him as well. He's a good dog though and I figure if he didn't like it he wouldn't always go lay next to her.

 Before I took this picture I always thought that Emmalyn looked exactly like Caleb. When I saw this though I started to laugh because she looks JUST like Jonah in this picture! CRAZY!

I put this last one in for Matt. He thought it was so cool that she could balance this bottle on her head. Oh what crazy things Daddy's think of!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Caleb is 3!!!

So I know I'm super late in getting my normal birthday pictures up for the boys but lots has happened in the last little bit for Caleb that has kept us busy! He started preschool at Marvin Moss which he totally LOVES and he gets super tired in the afternoon (and crabby) so it has kept me on my toes! Anyways, Caleb turned 3 on April 26th and I always do a look back in pictures on each of my kiddos birthday's to see how much they have grown! Enjoy the pictures of my little 'big' man Caleb! We love you so much sweet boy! Happy Birthday Caleb Danny!!

Happy Birthday to our fun, sweet, stubborn, loud, goofy, bright, happy, playful and spunky Caleb!!!!