Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lots of Food and Big Boy Bikes

Not too much going on over here just some VERY cute growing boys! They are both growing like weeds! Caleb is now 7 months old and eating like a champ! He likes he LOVES food!

If he doesn't get his normal 4 cans of size 2 baby food plus 4-5 6 oz. bottles a day....Let's just say we have one VERY grumpy boy. WOW! What am I going to do?! He LOVES to eat! He has just discovered how to drink from a sippy cup and has he enjoyed that!

It's like a whole other world of taste for him! Love that boy! Jonah is loving his latest birthday gift from Auntie Steph and Uncle Alex....his Incredibles bike!

It's a big boy bike with training wheels! He watches his movie on the bike, brushes his teeth on the bike, eats his snacks on the bike, and if he could figure it out I'm sure he would sleep on his bike! He keeps asking if he can wear his super cool cape that Auntie Mae Mae made him for his birthday while he rides his bike, but he can't because it's too long...:( He is always so heart broken!

Well, hope everyone is having a fabulous Holiday season!