Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth

DISNEYLAND! If you know me you know how much I LOVE Disneyland. I was so excited when Matt and I decided to take the kids on his family vacation there. We had so much fun!We first stopped by and saw Brooke, Aaron, Jaron and little Bryce which I'm so glad we got to do. I miss them so much!

We went swimming at Aaron's work which was way fun!

That pool was huge!

Jaron and Jonah wanted to have a sleep over in their front room. When I came out the next morning this was what I found.

After a few days of fun with them it was off to Disneyland!The boys were not so happy when we first got there. They were incredibly tired and sick of being strapped down so these were the only smiles I could get first walking through the gate!

Our first ride Jonah wanted to go on was Peter Pan (Mommy's favorite too!) Both boys totally loved it!

Right after our first ride I put Caleb into the stroller and walked to get some food. I look down and saw this sweet baby...

Jonah waiting for his food :)

Jonah soon discovered his favorite ride within the first few hours of being there. Any guesses?

You guessed it....Buzz Lightyear! We rode that ride a total of I think 15 times!
Happy Baby! He loved the stroller by the end of the week.
Waiting for Fantasmic we decided to have some fun with the camera :)

Jonah didn't think it was very fun though :)

Jonah waiting for Dumbo to start flying. Before it started I explained to Jonah how to work the knob to fly Dumbo and he kind of had a funny smile.

Once we started going he kept going up and down really fast...Needless to say I'm no longer a fan of Dumbo. At least riding it with Jonah.
So half way through the week we were walking through California Adventures with our family and Steph saw this hot dog place and told us all to STOP so the boys could take a picture under this fabulous sign!

Love you Steph! Great Idea!

We took the boys into Playhouse Disney and they both loved it! Caleb was so sweet dancing and clapping!

"Adventure is out there!" Jonah's favorite movie at the time Up

Caleb and I were having some fun while big brother and Daddy went and rode some rides.

Jonah was so excited to see the Pixar Parade at California Adventures. That was the boys favorite parts. All of the parades. If you can't tell Mr. Incredible was in that picture and Jonah turned around to yell to Matt "Daddy that's you!"

Caleb learned how to wave from watching all of the parades :)

Jonah was pretty shy to meet the characters...until he met Buzz Lightyear!

Matt's new favorite hat! The only hat that would fit his um...well...wonderful head.

Jonah's other favorite ride was Monster's Inc. We rode that a LOT!

Caleb having fun at the hotel! He loved it there!

Like I said earlier...He loved the stroller :)

All in all, Disneyland was SO MUCH FUN! But all of us adults did decide we want to go back...without children! :)