Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh Jonah!

So I have been very lucky with Jonah so far with him not getting into anything. Even when he was smaller and started crawling he just didn't cause a lot of trouble....Which makes me think that I am going to have my hands REALLY full with this next little boy because I was so lucky with my first!
Yesterday I was on the computer for all of 5 min. and I turned around to check on Jonah because he was really quite and I found him on the couch with a pen coloring all over his leg! I went over to ask him what he did and he very innocently replied "Mommy, picture!" over and over again! So fun!
So I decided that since I got deprived of these 'fun' things when Jonah was little I was going to blog it! So here are Jonah's 'pictures'!

So, I know it isn't a TON of pen all over his leg but for Jonah this was HUGE! He has never done anything like that! So, I was a little shocked to see his 'picture'!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

WE ARE FINALLY IN A NEW HOME! I am so excited! We have been here since this weekend and I am glad to be back in my own bed! We were gone for 6 weeks! I know it doesn't seem too long, but it felt really long living in limbo! Jonah has been very excited to be back playing with all his toys! He really missed all of them! I am very grateful to my parents for letting us crash at their house for so long! We really appreciate it!

Friday, January 16, 2009

WARNING: This post is nothing but an angry rant!

So, for those who haven't heard our apartment building was flooded A MONTH AGO and we haven't been home for OVER A MONTH! We didn't get to spend Christmas at home or New Years! :( Our apartment complex management has been telling us for 2 weeks now that we would be able to move into a new apartment....tomorrow. (They say this to us EVERYDAY...We will know for sure if it is a go tomorrow!)

Let me tell you, I am so tired of hearing this that I told Matt I wasn't calling them any more, because if I talked to them I wasn't going to be nice! (Crazy pregnant woman coming out of me!) I am so FRUSTRATED with this I can't even tell you! I totally appreciate my parents letting us stay at their house for the last month though, (my mom and dad both say that they are the lucky ones because they get to see Jonah every day!) I just really want to go home! I miss my bed! :( I'm really sorry this post is just a total venting session but I am so DONE! Thanks for letting me rant!