Monday, June 15, 2009

My Sweet Baby Caleb

I was so excited to finally get the cd of Caleb's pictures that he took a couple weeks ago! We have been trying to do family pictures also, but the STUPID weather has not allowed us to! So sad! Hopefully this weekend we will be able to do them since it is supposed to start warming up! Keep your fingers crossed! So, I just had to post a few of them because they are SO CUTE! I love Lynda! She did such a fantastic job! Enjoy!

I love my sweet little chunk! Let me know if anyone wants her information! She is amazing!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Caleb's Blessing

This past weekend we were able to bless Caleb. It was so neat to see Matt bless another one of our boys! We also had Matt's sister and brother-in-law come up from California to share it with us! They just had a baby in March and it was so funny to see how big Caleb looked next to Bryce! Bryce is about 3 months old and Caleb is 6 weeks old and they are almost the exact same size! I hope they grow up to be best buds! They were too cute to see together! Well, this is just a short one but I just had to get these cute pictures up! Enjoy!

Bryce and Caleb - So CUTE!

Such a sad face!

Daddy and Caleb

Mommy and Caleb

Our new little Family!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Caleb's cute pictures!

Hey All - Just wanted to let everyone know Caleb had his first pictures done and they turned out so cute! A few are posted on her website so check them out!
I will post more when we get them all done! We are doing family pictures on Saturday so I will have those up too!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh Baby!

Wow! One month has officially passed since Caleb came into our lives! I must say that Jonah has done a lot better than expected with his baby brother! He is SO good with him! Matt and I are both VERY happy so far with how well Jonah has adjusted! And plus, he is sleeping MUCH better in his big boy bed! YEA!

Caleb is so much fun! We love our chubby little guy! I am very sad though because his cheeks are starting to thin out!! :( I love to kiss his chubby little cheeks! It is so fun to see how different Jonah was as a baby compared to Caleb. Matt and I have both agreed that Caleb is a lot more high maintenance than Jonah was! But we still love him all the same! He is becoming a very good little sleeper at night! Thank goodness! He gets up maybe 2 times during the night, which makes me a very happy Momma!

Being a mom of 2 little boys is lots of fun! Don't get me wrong, I definitely have my days where I feel like screaming and crying right a long with both my boys, but that is to be expected!

Caleb at one month:
Loves to sleep!
Loves to cuddle with Mommy! (I LOVE THAT!)
Loves to eat!
Loves to watch his big brother!
Loves to take a bath!
Loves to look at lights with Daddy!
Loves to talk and smile with Mommy at 3am!