Monday, July 27, 2009

Cute boys

Lots has been going on these last few weeks! Matt's two little sisters are/were getting married and it has felt like a whirlwind! One wedding down and one more to go in less than two weeks! Jonah and Daddy got to go camping together for Matt's family reunion a few weeks ago and let me tell you I have never seen my handsome boy that DIRTY!

He was brown from head to toe and my bath tub was nasty after he got out of it! YUCK! These pictures don't do him justice! Auntie Meme says she got some pretty good ones that I am still a little scared to look at! I get to look forward to that again though because Matt has another family reunion in about 2 weeks and they get to go camping! Jonah is so excited! He keeps asking when he can go camping again. Mommy is so happy for that....not really!

Caleb is officially 3 months old! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by! He is getting so big. We put him in his little bumpo chair that we got and he really liked it!

He is starting to smile so much now and talk lots too! He is such a sweet little guy! His tummy is doing a little better, but he might have to do more tests depending on how he does over the next 3-4 weeks. Jonah is still a great big brother. He loves to give his baby brother kisses and is always asking to hold
him. He loves his baby brother very much.

Caleb at 3 months:
Loves to smile at his big brother
Loves to sleep all night long
Loves to take naps in his swing
Loves to be wrapped up like a burrito
Loves to stand up on mommy's lap

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Baby has a FANTASTIC Shot!

WARNING: For those who don't like too much information....don't read this post! My poor baby Caleb has had trouble pooping all of his 11 weeks of life.
:( We took him to the doctor a few weeks ago and they told us to try some dark karo syrup in his bottles for two weeks and if that didn't work to call back. Well, long story short it didn't work. We called the doctor yesterday and they told us he was going to need a barium enema! MY POOR BABY!
Today we took him to get the procedure and thank goodness Matt came with me because I would not have been any help holding my sweet boy down! Any ways, while they were doing the procedure Caleb was so backed up from not being able to go poop, that all of the liquid they were trying to put inside of him was coming right back out. With all of the action going on in his bum, I guess you could say it popped the cork and everything came shooting out.....Literally!
There were 2 technicians there with Matt. Matt was holding his head, one technician was holding his little bum and the other was standing at the end of the table. The poor girl at the end of the table (she was just observing because she was a student....I don't know if she wants to come back now!) got shot with poop in her EYE! That's right! I know! Pretty bad! In her eye of all places! Talk about distance!
Because of that unfortunate situation, Caleb then had to get blood drawn because something from inside his body got into someone else's body, and they wanted to make sure Caleb didn't have any type of disease he would pass on to her! Not only did my poor baby get violated, he got poked all in the same day!

Here is my sweet baby trying to get some rest after his traumatic day!

On a lighter note, we are still having a great summer! Jonah has been having tons of fun at the pool still and so has Caleb! Right now we are enjoying lots of time with Daddy! He is on vacation from work so we actually get to see him at night now! It's lots of fun! Here are some happier pictures of whats been going on!

Caleb and Jonah playing on the floor!

Jonah eating a cupcake at the pool!

Caleb's favorite position! He loves to look upside down!

Well, hopefully our next post will be a little bit happier!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Finally our pictures!

I have been waiting for these pictures for so long! I'm so excited to finally have them! It took us almost three weeks to do them because of the weather and then our photographer ended up getting REALLY busy because she is so fantastic! Anyways, enjoy! I love my handsome boys!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pool Party Fun

It was my sister's birthday yesterday and so we decided to have a pool party and 4th of July celebration! It was a lot of fun. Jonah is loving the pool and is doing really well swimming!

He loves to play with the big kids but his new favorite thing to do is jump in the pool. I love it because he says, "One, two, three, Tannon ball!" (cannon ball...So fun!)

Even Caleb got in the pool for the first time and he actually enjoyed it!

He was there for about five minutes and then his majorly FULL diaper started to annoy him! He looked so cute in his little swim suit though! Sweet boy!

We had lots of fun! Happy Birthday Auntie Steph! Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

We have been having so much fun the last few weeks! Enjoying the nice weather, playing in the sun, and having fun since Daddy gets to be home more in the summer!

We took Caleb to the Doctor's last week for his 2 month check up and he is now 12lbs. 11oz. and 24 inches long! He is growing so much! I am loving life now too because he sleeps through the night! YES! YAHOO! We love our little big guy!

We also got to go to the Sparks Movie Theater the other day with Jonah's cousin Brayden and we let them play in the water fountain there! It was so much fun!

Brayden and Jonah loved being in the water and chasing the beach ball around!

Caleb had fun snoozing in his carseat while the others played!

Even Caleb's friend Jack came out to play!

Anyways, just a quick update! We will post more soon!