Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yummy Food

Emmalyn just started rice cereal about two weeks ago and at first was not happy about it. But just like my other two kiddos....has grown to LOVE it. I actually switched her to oatmeal because it has been easier on her tummy and she loves it even more! She now demands it every morning.

She sees me start to make it and she can't get any more excited! She kicks her feet, screams her happy little squeal, and bangs her hands around until it gets into her mouth. She's already like her dad though. Totally impatient for food :)

She grabs the spoon as fast as she can and shoves it into her mouth. I just sit and laugh every morning because she's just so dang cute! Her personality comes out more and more each day and I love this little girl so much!

I took her in for her four month check last week and she is so tiny! She is 12lbs. 13oz. and measures 25in. She is only two and half pounds heavier and three inches longer than what Caleb was at birth! It amazes me that I was able to carry something so big in my tummy. And for once in my life my baby has a small head! It's still not as big as Caleb or Jonah's was at birth! Little petite miss :) She is in the 25% and below for everything! It's fun to have the small one for a change! She is very similar to her brothers in one area though...She LOVES food! We love you beautiful baby girl!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's Been Busy...

Well, a lot has been going on over here at our house. We had a fabulous Thanksgiving with lots of family and friends, I got a part time job, we celebrated Christmas, and brought in the new year. That was a long sentence!

Not to mention my kiddos are growing way too fast! My baby girl is already 4 months old!

Thanksgiving was lots of fun. We got to have two Thanksgivings again this year because we split Thanksgiving between my family and Matt's family. Lots of food = too much holiday weight! Any ways, onto Christmas.

It was lots of fun except for when we woke up to Matt's work phone going off at 6am saying he had to go into work! Needless to say the boys were not happy when they woke up to find that Daddy was not home. They weren't as mad waiting to open presents because they already had seen what Santa had brought them. They played with that until the afternoon once Daddy got home and then we were able to open presents. We had a small Christmas but a memorable one.

(I had to put these pictures in because these are the typical faces I get now when I ask them to smile for me. Love little boys :) )
Jonah continues to amaze me at what an awesome little boy he is. He is such an incredible big brother to both Caleb and Emmalyn. I don't know what I would do without that sweet guy. He is incredibly patient with Caleb and his lack of communication and he is so attentive and always wants to learn new ways to help me with his little sister.

Heavenly Father knew I needed this little man. I have been truly blessed with him. Caleb has grown a lot in these last few months. His speech is continuing to improve tremendously. He is now putting three to four word sentences together on his good days! It's so fun to see his little eyes light up when he knows he has said something that he has been working really hard on. He is getting a lot better playing with other kids and is learning the ropes of sharing much better. He is so loving with his baby sister as well. He has surprised me at how gentle he is with her and I never have to remind him. He just knows. I love this little guy so much and I am so happy he is mine!

(All three of my kiddos at Christmas in their pj's and hats they got)
Little Miss Emmalyn is such a happy baby girl. She is by far my easiest baby yet. I thought the boys were easy until I had her. She was difficult in the beginning but now she is so fun. She is always smiling. She loves to look around at EVERYTHING. She has almost mastered the skill of rolling over which makes me happy and sad at the same time!

I swear this is her sweet face all the time. She is just so happy and that makes me sooo happy! I needed this little girl!

Any ways, life is still going over here and kiddos are still growing. I have been super busy but I hope I can keep up a little better on my blogging this year. Hope all is well with everyone else!