Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jonah's 3rd Birthday Bash!

I can't believe my little guy is 3! I know I said this before but it still has not registered with me yet! He is still my little baby! Any ways, enough with being a sappy little mommy and on to the PARTY! Jonah had lots of fun even though he wasn't interested in his presents AT ALL! He just wanted his plate and Chex Mix and he was fine! What a weirdo!

He did love it though when every one was singing Happy Birthday to him. Which I thought was weird because he is normally so shy I would have thought he would have been freaking out but he did the exact opposite! Nothing but BIG smiles!

Caleb also had LOTS of fun at his big brother's party.....

Little Chunky Monkey REALLY enjoyed his chocolate cupcake!

He LOVED his cupcake a little too much I think! He wanted MORE and MORE!
And this next picture is for you Auntie Mae Mae....You have been wanting to see this....

Caleb has REALLY bad bed head when he wakes up from his nap because it is getting so long, you can't see it too much in this picture, but if you know me you know I wouldn't let my baby boy out of the house with his hair looking like this. :) I know...I'm a weirdo.

Just a bit of a bump in the front, but he wouldn't let me take a picture of the back! That's where its REALLY good!

Sweet baby boy :)

I had to put this up too....For some reason my son has made this his trade mark. I don't know why because I am constantly wiping his face but he licks his lips and chin so much he ALWAYS has some type of ring around his mouth....With how much I am obsessed with keeping him clean it doesn't seem to work anymore. What's a mommy to do?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Family Pictures

I LOVE you Morgan! Thank you so much for the great pictures! Sorry my boys didn't cooperate all that much! We still have a few good ones to choose from though! Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Caleb's 6 month pictures

I LOVE these pictures! THANK YOU Morgan! You did such a fabulous job! I don't know why you are so scared to start everything for your photography business...You are fabulous! Thanks again! Love you! Enjoy the pictures of my cute little man!

Love him!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Jonah!

I can't believe it but my baby boy is 3! I can't believe I have a 3 year old! He is just growing so fast.

It seems like not too long ago he was at the same age Caleb is right now. He is so much fun.

I love how he talks to me! Yes, some days I want silence because he can talk a lot when you get him going on certain subjects, but I do love hearing him!

I love how much he loves Caleb and makes sure I am doing what I'm supposed to be to take care of him.

My sweet little man! We love you Jonah! Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Hey all! Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween! We did! Lots and lots of candy and a fun filled night with family! I am going to post just a few pictures. I didn't get too many this year for some reason. I never had my camera with me at the right moments but we had a Buzz Lightyear and a Tiger this year! VERY CUTE!

Anyways, my main reason for this post is to promote my new business that I started with my sister. Our website is www.myperfectmoment.net. We are an all occasion card design company. You send us the pictures you want on your card and we input them into our designs! We are just getting started so we only have about 10 different designs right now, but I am in the process of making lots of different Christmas/Holiday cards so keep checking the website for more! You can order them through our website or you can call and talk to me with any questions that you have. I also have a contact page on the website if you have any questions. Please remember me through this Christmas season! If you want a cute holiday card to send out, go to my website! Thanks!