Friday, June 17, 2011

Tahoe + Boys = PURPLE toes!

We went to Lake Tahoe last weekend while some of our family was in town and it was lots of fun! That lake is normally cold but with how cold our weather has been recently, it was REALLY cold!

My boys did not seem to care one bit though :) They were both happy throwing and playing in the dirt for 3 hours...Boys, boys, boys!

Me on the other hand, I felt like a beached whale :( It was a lot of fun to watch the boys play with their cousins and build sand castles but I felt abnormally large that day.

Any ways, the boys had a lot fun with everyone and Jonah kept begging me that we would come back again!

(I just love this picture of Caleb! He can be so cute sometimes!)

We just did Caleb's 2 year pictures with wonderful Morgan. She is so patient with my kids and I am so glad that she understands life with a two year old who doesn't want to listen! She ended up getting more cute pictures of Jonah than she did Caleb but we still got a few cute ones! Next time I think we need to take Caleb outside for pictures...That seems to be more his element :) Enjoy the cute pictures of the boys!

(This type of picture seems to be a normal thing when Morgan takes pictures for us. Caleb loves to throw his hands up and cover his mouth)

Sweet Jonah...I love these pictures of my little man.

Just a quick update on the third member of our family :) She is doing well and growing BIG! No surprise there! I am already measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule so we will definitely be expecting our beautiful baby girl in August!