Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cute Kiddos

We've been having lots of fun over here. BUSY but lots of fun. Let's see....Since the last post we went to the Sacrament Zoo, Fairytale Town, and to Utah for my brother's wedding! Not to mention all the stuff the boys have been up to. Jonah is doing great with school and he says he can't wait to start Kindergarten, even though it's still a little ways away....Thank goodness! He informed me the other day that I was old. Here's our conversation:
"Mom how old are you?"
"I'm 25."
"Wow. That's old Mom. Not as old as Daddy is but still pretty old."
"Thanks bud. I really appreciate that."
"Mom, I want to be 10 cause then I can hang out with Marty and be his best friend. We could go to school together and hang out all the time cause we would be 10 together."
(Marty is my nephew)
So not only is Jonah ready to start Kindergarten, he wants to race to the age of 10.

Caleb is doing really good too. He just had his evaluation with the school district because he is turning 3 at the end of the month! SAD DAY! He will be going to a preschool through the school district to specifically help with his speech delays and developmental delays as well. He's going to do great....I don't think I'm going to do so great though! He has started to LOVE playing with other kids his age and older which has been super fun to watch. I love seeing him grow in his speech abilities too! It makes my heart so happy. Today we were driving and as I started to turn he yells
"Mom! Yook out!"
"Look out for what?"
"Phew, dat was cose!"
(Translation: Look out. Phew, that was close).

Little miss Emmalyn is doing fantastic as well. Matt and I decided that she has smiled more in her lifetime of 7 months then Jonah has his whole life! She is just always so happy! I love her ear to ear grin and the gummy smile! I will miss her gummy smile soooo much when she starts to get teeth! She's sitting up all by herself all the time and she is rolling EVERY WHERE! She's super happy and we love her more and more every day!

So, like I said we have been super busy so enjoy all our pictures! There's lots!

Jonah and Caleb having some breakfast on the drive to the zoo.
This was my view of Emmalyn in the mirror the whole way. She did pretty good in the car too. Made me all sorts of happy!
Emmalyn liked the zoo. She loved all the leaves blowing on the trees and watching her brothers get excited over all the animals.
The boys LOVED all the animals. They are looking at a kangaroo in this picture.
Caleb's favorite were the giraffes. He just kept saying "WOW! Big!"
Jonah's favorite were all the monkeys. He loved to watch them swing around all over the place. He was really sad though because there were no "granillas" as he says it. (Gorillas)

The boys really liked Fairytale town. They loved the Crooked Mile, although Caleb fell off of it and face planted into the leaves. That was fun.
Our Little Miss did so good the whole day. This was her sweet face most of the day. She was super tired by the end though!
The boys loved staying in the hotel in Utah for the wedding....Even though it was incredibly GHETTO! Never stay at the Sleep Inn in South Jordan! My mom picked it out....Thanks Mom! Just kidding! We didn't know where to stay so we just picked a reasonably priced one and this is what we got!
Ah.....Brotherly love.
Emmalyn got to go swimming for the first time...In a really cute bikini! The ONLY one she will EVER wear!
I had to put these last ones in! She LOVES to sit in her bathtub now. She is so stinkin cute I can't stand it!