Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Caleb!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALEB! We love you so much! It is hard to believe that a year has already gone by! You are such a love bug! I still find it hard to believe that a 10lb. 1 oz. baby boy came out of me!

You are such a fun little man! We love to watch you grow!

Your personality has changed so much in this last year! We love hearing you giggle and laugh!

We love your sweet little smile....

And your chubby squishy cheeks!

We love you sweet baby boy!

Happy 1st Birthday!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I feel like I haven't been able to do much of the stuff I normally do lately! School has taken over my life! My house is not what it used to be. I just have so much going on with my classes I feel like I can't keep up! UGH! Note to self: Next semster no more than 3 classes! Way too much to handle with two kids!

Any ways, lots has been happening. We took Jonah bowling for the first time a few weeks ago and he LOVED it!

Some of my family got to come with us and we had lots of fun! Something we totally need to do again!

We also got a new toy for Matt and I....A Wii! So much fun! Jonah loves it too. He is quite a golfer! It's really funny to watch him play all the different games.

He tires so hard. He also designed his own Mii....With the Wii you can make different players and I made all of Matt's family and all of my family with Jonah. Well, Jonah decided he wanted to make his own and it's a rather interesting character. He made himself "chocolate" as he calls it, with some makeup on his face. When ever he plays a game and goes to pick a character he says, "Mom, I want to be my chocolate self!" I don't know what to think about that one.....
My little man Caleb is WALKING! He is 11 months old and walking!

It makes me so sad! He is no longer my little baby :( He is pretty dang cute when he walks though. For some reason he does high knees. It looks like he is marching or something. He's so cute. I love that little guy. I have been really worried that he was going to be deveolpmentally behind because of what his ENT told me after he got his tubes. Since he got his tubes though he has advanced SO much. He is doing so good now. I love it.

I love this picture...That is Caleb's favorite face to make!

Well, the semester is almost done and things will get back to normal soon! Hope all is going well for everyone else!